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The Year of the Snake

This issue is the second in a series of silk stamps from Hong Kong Post to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The twelve animals that depict each of the lunar cycles in the Chinese zodiac have featured prominently in Chinese folk handicrafts throughout the years and 2013 marked the passage from the ‘Year of the Dragon’ into the ‘Year of the Snake’. The event was commemorated with this special stamp sheetlet, printed using modified offset lithography techniques onto 100% genuine Italian silk.



Issue: Year of the Snake, 2013

Country: Hong Kong, China

Technique: Offset lithography onto genuine silk

Sheet size: 80 x 80mm

Stamp size: 45 x 45mm

Issue date: 26 January 2013

The Year of the Snake page 1


Stamp: Year of the Snake, 2013||Country: Hong Kong, China||Stamp size: 45 x 45mm