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The Lunar New Year

This issue is also from the Hong Kong Post 2013 Lunar New Year Animals series and is also another first for Cartor. The special souvenir issue is the world's first to feature the application of real 22 carat gold-plated metal to a postage stamp. The first of the two stamps is hot foiled in silver and depicts the departing ‘Year of the Dragon’. The second welcomes in the ‘Year of the Snake’ and is a special ‘lace’ design created in real gold-plated metal and applied to the stamp.



Issue: Lunar New Year Animals: Dragon/Snake, 2013

Country: Hong Kong, China

Technique: Offset lithography with hot foiled silver and hand applied 22 carat gold-plated metal

Sheet size: 135 x 90mm

Stamp size: 45 x 28mm

Issue date: 26 January 2013

The Lunar New Year page 1


Stamp: Lunar New Year Animals Dragon / Snake, 2013 ||Country: Hong Kong, China||Stamp size: 45 x 28mm