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Cartor prides itself on challenging the concept of what constitutes a stamp and has made some radical departures exploring unusual materials and adding elements to enhance the story, effectiveness or beauty of a stamp. Replacing paper with substrates such as real cork, wood and football material, or incorporating real pearls, tiny glass beads, crystal or diamond to the surface are some of the most exciting recent innovations.

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Stamp: Real Cork, 2007||Country: Portugal||Stamp size: 40 x 30mmStamp: UEFA Euro 2008 (same material as match ball), 2008||Country: Austria||Stamp size: 36mm diameter


Stamp: Bi-Centennial of Independence (real cork), 2009||Country: Ecuador||Stamp size: 50 x 46mmStamp: Combined stamp and postcard (real cork), 2011||Country: Portugal||Postcard size: 150 x 105mm