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Cartor is well known for being original, and these stamps are a perfect example. Often erroneously referred to as ‘scratch and sniff’, perfumed stamps release a scent when the surface is gently rubbed, the result of a complicated technique involving the 
micro-encapsulation of small amounts of perfume. Almost any fragrance can be produced, awakening the senses in the most unusual way.

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Stamp: 50th Anniversary of Korean and Columbian diplomatic relations, 2012||Country: Colombia||Stamp size: 40 x 40mm<br /></p><br /><br />
<p>Stamp: Stamps and the Senses, 2009||Country: Portugal||Stamp size: 30.6 x 40mmStamp: Rose blossom, 2009||Country: Morocco||Stamp size: 30 x 40mmStamp: Orange blossom, 2009||Country: Morocco||Stamp size: 40 x 30mm

Stamp: Norfolk Island perfume, 2004||Country: Norfolk Island ||Stamp size: 60 x 72mmStamp: Pineapple, 2003||Country: Russia||Stamp size: 44 x 44mmStamp: Strawberry, 2003||Country: Russia||Stamp size: 44 x 44mm