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As the name suggests, these stamps involve a combination of different print and finishing techniques. Typically, that might include embossing, hot foiling, thermography, stochastic screens and special inks on each stamp or sheet. Incorporating such a wealth of individual processes is very specialised as they have the capacity to be the most difficult stamps to produce, creating a number of complex printing issues.

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Stamp: The Year of the Rooster, 2005||Country: Hong Kong, China||Stamp size: 51 x 75mm Stamp: The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, 2002||Country: Jersey||Stamp size: 36 x 51mm Stamp: The King’s 80th birthday Anniversary, 2007||Country: Thailand||Stamp size: 39 x 40mm

Stamp: PhilexFrance, 2009||Country: France||Stamp size: 48.5 x 38.5mm and 40 x 32mm