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Cartor has become renowned for its use of genuine gold and silver foils. Intricate gold blocking can be used to great effect to create a very special and opulent stamp. The foil detail is created when 22 (or 24) carat gold foil is pressed onto the printed stamp surface using a special hand-finished embossing tool. The combination of heat and pressure transfers the gold foil onto the face of the printed stamp sheets.

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Stamp: Penny Black, 1996||Country: Bhutan||Stamp size: 36 x 51mmStamp: Dutch Crown (genuine gold foil), 2007||Country: Netherlands||Stamp size: 35 x 35mmStamp: Art nouveau necklace by Josef Hoffmann, 2007||Country: Austria||Stamp size: 80 x 50mm



Stamp: Jerusalem of Gold (genuine gold foil), 2008||Country: Israel||Stamp size: 33 x 42mmStamp: Millennium issue (genuine gold foil), 2000||Country: Jersey||Stamp size: 36 x 51mmStamp: Millennium golden buildings, 2000||Country: Hong Kong, China||Stamp size: 36 x 51mm