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The hologram is one of the most dynamic techniques that Cartor apply to stamps. It comprises several different image layers with each one visible at a different angle. When the stamp is moved the image slowly changes giving an impression of movement and often colour change. It is a complicated process with several potential problem areas, but production techniques developed at Cartor have overcome the difficulties to achieve the most spectacular results.

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Stamp: The Polar year, 2007||Country: Finland||Stamp size: 38.5 x 38.5mm & 43.12 x 30.8mmStamp: The Year of the Ox, 2009||Country: Singapore||Stamp size: 40 x 30mm





Stamp: The Year of the Tiger, 2010||Country: Singapore||Stamp size: 40 x 30mmStamp: The Year of the Rabbit, 2011||Country: Singapore||Stamp size: 40 x 30mm