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Victory for Cartor

Powdered timber from a 200 year old ship and thermographic inks combine to create a unique stamp destined to became part of Jamaica’s rich and exciting postal history… more

The new Gold Standard

The use of genuine 22 and 24 carat gold sets Cartor apart from most other stamp printers. See why it is still one of the most prestigious stamp finishes… more

Thunderbirds Are Go!

The lenticular process produces some highly unusual and intriguing stamps. A special lens fixed to the stamp surface gives an illusion of movement to these wonderful stamps… more

Relief for museum

This depiction of a statue of the Trojan priest Laocöon has been given amazing depth and detail thanks to the work of skilled embossing techniques and technicians… more

Flock is a first for Finland

The Moomin is a well loved cartoon character in his native Finland where he has appeared on many stamps. This particular stamp’s tactile finish added a new dimension… more

Wake up and smell the coffee!

The instantly recognisable aroma of freshly ground coffee beans has been captured by Cartor, along with other fragrances, and released in special ‘perfumed’ stamps… more

Stamps you can plant

Are these the greenest stamps ever? Plant them and the tiny seeds encapsulated in the surface will begin to germinate, providing a wonderful display of colour… more

Safe and secure

Security is very important to Cartor and our customers - in the operation of the business and also in the number of specialist security printing techniques we employ... more

Cartor turn a rat into an ox

Hologram print technology produces stamps with wonderful, almost 3D images. Here, in this Singapore issue, the technique has been used to welcome in the year of the ox... more

In a league of their own

Even the use of a relatively simple technique, such as die-cutting, can create highly original stamps, such as a football stamp printed on the same material as the match ball... more

Fabricating something

Recent years have seen Cartor working with a variety of textiles to produce some highly decorative and tactile issues featuring silk, lace and embroidered finishes... more

Clearly unusual

This unusual stamp changes its appearance with each application. The self adhesive transparent film on which it is printed allows the colour of an envelope to show through... more

Paper was just the beginning

Since their inception, stamps have been printed onto paper. Cartor is at the forefront of changing this perception and have started exploring other, more unusual substrates... more

Customers, products and more

We work to highly regarded internationally systems with ongoing audits and certification offering increased assurance and confidence to our customers... more

Intricate, involved, challenging

These stamps are enhanced by the addition of several different print techniques and finishes, which adds to their complexity and requires more specialist print knowledge... more

Two fantastic firsts

The world’s highest grossing film to date is celebrated in the world’s first stamp printed onto self adhesive metallic foil. The Avatar stamp features a scene from the film... more